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8/18/2014 3:21 PM
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Bella and Sophie

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Grace Animal Rescue showcases our wonderful rescues

every Saturday and Sunday from 2:00pm - 6:00pm

at PetSmart Culver City - 10900 W Jefferson Blvd - MAP

and PetSmart Torrance - 3855-59 Sepulveda Blvd. - MAP

and PetSmart Beverly Hills - 330 S La Cienega Blvd - MAP

Save a cat or dog this weekend and make a friend for life!


News Flash

 GRACE Animal Rescue In The News

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We are looking to expand, but we need your help.
At G.R.A.C.E. we are trying to get a larger place so we can care for more and more animals.
We found a place to buy and help with financing, but we need the down payment.
So we are looking to you our loyal friends of the animals to help get us to our goal of $100,000.00
It's a huge goal, but with your help we can make it.
Whatever you can give no matter how small or large will be appreciated.
Thanks for your help, the animals will love you for it.

Highlighted Cats
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I'm Ryder; I love to explore and play with people and other kitties. I always find a way to have som...read more about Ryder
Hi I'm Kohl; I just want a friend- someone who will love me and care for me.
I'm Frankie; I want a home with a lot of places to explore and some friends :)
  Tabby #1
Hi, I'm Tabby; I have brother who is also called Tabby, but I'm the cute one :P I'll play with you i...read more about Tabby #1
  Tabby #2
Hey, I'm Tabby, the cool one B] I just do what I do and I watch what everyone else is up to while I ...read more about Tabby #2
  Miss Kitty
Yes. I see you. They call me Miss Kitty; I'm the princess around here. Give me what I want and I wil...read more about Miss Kitty
I'm Dice; I love attention...If I roll onto my back will you rub my belly? C'mon, rub my belly :)
Hello, I'm orange...and I'm also called Orange...can I lay on you lap?? prrrrr :)
Look at me...yes. See my adorableness; be overcome by it. Now when I snap my paws, you will love me.
I'm Boo; I like to lay in warm places or around people. Can I lay with you?
Hey, I'm Cinimon. Will you pet me? I love to be pet. I love attention! I'm a total princess, but I h...read more about Cinimon
  Black Mamma
Hello, I'm Black Mamma or just Mamma for short. Do you have something for me? A treat maybe? No? Oh ...read more about Black Mamma
I'm Ebby; I'd love to lay in your lap. Do you mind? Oh would you also pet me while I lay here?? Prrr...read more about Ebby
Hey...what are you doing? What are you holding? Hmmm...Oh well, Hi! :) I'm Cici; can I lay in your l...read more about Cici
I'm Driver- I already know what you're thinking: I'm cute. Well, yes I am, and now that that's been ...read more about Driver
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Refinery donates $5000.00 -- Thursday November 19th, 2009